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Let us help you navigate
your digital journey.

Navigating the digital online world can be very daunting.
Knowing you have someone you can trust and communicate
with is very comforting.


Our Services…

Ways we can help guide you.

Website Audits

Are you really connecting and communicating with your customers?

Website planning

A digital plan is essential to ensure you get a return on your investment.

Dispute resolution

Sometimes things just don't go to plan. Having trouble with your digital agency?

Website Audits 

Is your website working for or against you?
Maybe you have performance issues?


When was the last time you audited your website?

Need a website checkup ?

Got a few issues or want to go over your site in depth, one on one, no worries just schedule a time, and we can chat over the phone or via Zoom 

Website Planning 

Starting a new business, Joining the digital age, or refreshing your outdated digital assets?

"Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail"

Benjamin Franklin

Are you not sure where to even start? Maybe you get confused by all the technical jargon, or you are worried about paying for things you don’t need? 

Whether we are handling or building your website, or you are using another designer, developer or a third party we can still help. 

Through our discovery session we can help you build a plan to address your needs now and into the future.

Like some help to plan?

Let's discuss your needs in depth.
Just schedule a time and we can chat over the phone,
via Zoom even in person if local to NSW North Coast region. 

Dispute Resolution 

Sometimes things don't work out, mainly through a lack communication or understanding.

Some things we hear a lot!

Dispute resolution and digital planning…

After being charged a fortune with no deliverable outcome . We engaged Digital Guides to mediate with our current web developer. After successful outcome, we moved on with a Digital Guides plan to support our growing business.

Don't Worry, We can help

We can act on your behalf as a go between you and your web developer providing a mix of tech talk and plain customer language to ensure communication is understood.

If things are tense, we can mediate with both parties to reach a mutually beneficial solution. 


Simply book an online appointment or give us a call. Send us a link to your website and we will look over it.
What you get: 
A visual look over the site to identify any key areas of concern.
A quick chat to discuss your business, website goals, and whether the website is communicating with your customers. 
An email outlining up to the top 5 areas for improvement. this is a one off fee of $199

If you need a more in depth look over your website, we can pop the hood and take a look around for technical issues, SEO or other areas of concern. the fee for this service is $280 for the first hour and the $140 per hour after this.  We will estimate the time required before starting. 

Simply book an online appointment or give us a call and will start with a quick chat about your business and goals.
After this if you engage us to take care of your digital needs, we will include an in depth discovery session and provide you with a detailed proposal. 

If you are working with another designer/ developer or building your own DIY site, you can engage us to develop a plan for you to follow. A basic plan includes a checklist of things to ensure success, the cost for this is $199. A more in depth plan Including: Research, Strategy, Design and Goal Conversion the average costs for most clients is around $1500. Alternatively, you can engage us on an hourly rate, $280 for the first hour and $140 per hour after that.

Simply book an online appointment or give us a call and will start with a quick chat about your circumstances.
After this if you engage with us, we will set up a one hour session to go over in depth all the information you have and gain an understanding of the issues and when they went of track. We will then engage with the other parties to gain clarity from their perspective. From here we will put a proposal of resolution together for both parties to agree to.  The standard fee for this service is charged at our Hourly rate of $140 per hour on average basic cases take 4-8 hours to complete. If a more complex case is presented, we will provide a proposal for resolution.

Please Note**
This advice is of a general nature based on our industry experience, sales negotiation skills and training. We are not legally trained in any legal aspects or mediation techniques and therefore we are not responsible for any losses or expenses acquired from any legal proceedings.